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What Is Gentle Breeze Loans?

Gentle Breeze Payday Loan provides loans in the amount of up to $5000 for a period of up to 30 calendar days. All you need to get a loan is the availability of Internet access and a valid bank card of any American bank.

After successful identification of the client, the decision on granting a loan is taken by the system automatically within a few minutes. In case of a positive decision, the money is automatically transferred to your card. The average time that money appears on your card is 15 minutes.

Breeze Loans are constantly improving our decision-making system, therefore, even in the event of a refusal, we recommend that you contact us again after a while and keep personal information up to date.

Why Gentle Breeze Loans Are Different from Other Lenders?

Gentle Breeze - is a quick loan on transparent and fair conditions. If you pay your loan obligations on time and in full, you will not have to make any other payments.

Every day, while there is a loan debt in your Personal Account, you see the amount to be repaid. Therefore, you have the opportunity to pay the debt ahead of schedule by paying interest on the loan only for the number of days during which you actually used the loan, without any fees for early repayment of the loan.

If you need to extend a loan, Gentle Breeze Lending guarantee you such an opportunity on the conditions specified in the loan agreement. We use the highest standards of data protection; therefore, all your data is completely confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties without your consent (except as required by law).

How does Gentle Breeze Loans work?

Gentlebreeze is a new convenient service that makes it very easy to get a loan on a card of American banks anywhere and anytime, in just a few minutes. We work around the clock, without holidays and weekends, online 24/7, so you can always count on us if you urgently need money!

What are the benefits of Gentle Breeze Loans?

The services of this company are popular because:

  • The service works around the clock. It doesn’t matter what time you need an express loan, you can always place an application on the website and count on support;
  • No need for a large number of documents and guarantors;
  • The presence of numerous bonuses and a loyalty program, which is available for both regular and new customers;
  • Protection of personal information;
  • An opportunity to extend a loan if such a need arose. Prolongation will help maintain good relations with the company;
  • The convenience of returning borrowed funds. There are various options to choose from;
  • The anonymity of appeal. The Gentle Breeze Online respects the principles of confidentiality.

How Much Can I Borrow with Gentle Breeze Loans

You can borrow up to $5,000 at Gentle Breeze Loan company. If this is your first loan, then the maximum amount for you is $500. If you pay your first debt on time, your credit rating will increase. Next time you will be able to a large amount. Our regular customers are available with a maximum limit of $5,000.

How fast can you get your money with Gentle Breeze Loans?

As a rule, enrollment occurs instantly. If you receive the money within a few hours, we recommend that you contact your bank and clarify the procedure for crediting funds to card accounts by wire transfer.

Another tome part is needed to fill in the application form. Next time you won’t have to do that again. And the whole process of obtaining a loan will take only a few minutes.

Is it safe to use Gentle Breeze Loans?

Gentle Breeze Payday Loans provide a modern data protection system for its clients. All the private information is encrypted with a 256-bit code. So, you may not worry about your personal data. Besides, the company provides transparent loan conditions to all its borrowers. You can be sure that at the end of the loan term you won't need to pay extra fees or added interest.

What does the Internet say about Gentle Breeze Loans?

Gentlebreezeonline received a good rating among those who use payday loans. It provides a good service. You can always count on the support team and quick solutions for your application. The online community positively evaluates the work of the company and recommends it to solve your own short-term financial problems.

How do I get started?

How to file an online application in Patch? At the moment, the company offers excellent conditions for obtaining a loan for a small amount and not for a long period. Registration is very simple:

  • You must choose the right amount and duration of the loan;
  • Sign up at the site;
  • After Gentle Breeze login and Fill in the form;
  • Indicate the card of any bank with a positive balance of up to $2;
  • Send an application, sign an online agreement.

After that, your application will be checked and processed (it takes about 5-20 minutes) and if you get a positive decision, you will immediately receive money on the card you indicated.

User Review


I’m very satisfied with the Gentle Breeze Payday Loans. The loan decision was made very quickly and without unnecessary questions. A small interest rate for the first loan was also pleased.


The service is really cool because you can get money here and now! I advise you to borrow for a short time because then there are low-interest payments!


I took a loan here because it did not work out with banks. Conveniently, you can take a couple of thousand dollars for a week, close your financial issues and return.




What Category Of Clients Can Get A Loan At Gentle Breeze Payday Loan?

Any adult citizen of the US over the age of 18, who has a bank payment card.

How Is A Loan Decision Made?

Gentlebreeze Com Payday decides after you complete the registration and fill out the form.

Can I Get More Than One Loan At A Time?

You cannot apply for more than one loan at a time. But you can timely pay interest on the loan, apply for prolongation and postpone the date of payment of the loan.

Can I Refuse A Loan?

You can refuse a loan; however, you must fully repay the loan amount and interest for the time of its actual use.

How Many Times Can I Apply For A Loan Extension?

The total number of extensions provided for by the Agreement during the entire term of the Agreement may not exceed 10 times.

Do Loan Conditions Change Upon Loan Prolongation?

Upon prolongation, the interest rate for each subsequent loan period does not change.

What Will Happen If The Loan Is Not Repaid?

In case of untimely fulfillment of obligations by the Borrower, the Company may begin the process of debt collection, incl. the collection right may be transferred to third parties, adversely affect the credit history and may subsequently cause a refusal to receive loans.





Financial difficulties are different. It is one thing when there is not enough money to buy a new car, another when there is nothing to buy food for. If you delay your salary or fail to have health, you need to urgently find finances and there is no time to wait until the bank decides to issue a loan. In such a situation, a loan for emergency needs from the Gentle Breeze Loans will help any citizen.

A minimum of documents and requirements, and you will receive cash that will help solve financial issues. Gentle Breeze Online willingly gives loans to the needs of trustworthy payers! Gentle Breeze Loans reviews show that this is a reliable company.


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